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Niccolò is the co-founder of Metabolic6.1 with his wife Sharon.
He's an athlete of bjj and current vice world grappling champion in the last world championship in Kazakistan (UWW) in september 2019. Always focused on the technique, science evidences and quality work, we can define him as the nerd of the deep fitness. First of all he needs to verify, study and comprove the things he learns to bring only the excellence in his workouts routine. Deeply involved into brazilian jiu jitsu tecniques he designed a complete program to improve the level of BJJ athletes prioritizing specific strength and conditioning skills. In his background we have an international education at Onnit Academy in Texas as kettlebell specialist, russian style kettlebell trainer, mace instructor and crossfit level 2 instructor degree. He is also a Hydrocore and Animal Flow certified trainer. His workout method is a fusion of martial arts skills, strength exercises and explosive movements, as a result of exclusive and tested scientific aproach. He loves to practice and study with unconventional tools to reach a better conditioning and maximise a great performance. Night student and trainer during the day, he will always be attracted by new techniques around the world.

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